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Is the charge on the second plate the same as that on the electrophorus plate or the same as that on the foam pad. Based on these observations can you conclusively say that paper bits have absolutely no kind of charge. Scotch Magic tape, paper bits, sheet of paper, Formica table top.

You may now use the electroscope and electrophorus to investigate a variety of materials and see if they behave like conductors or insulators. We will call this the test tape. Did touching the end of the foil covered straw change the charge on the plate. Make a stand by taping the long end of a flexible straw to an upside down foam cup with scotch or duct tape.

Does the force get stronger. Hold the plastic rod tightly.

Balloons and Static Electricity

In which direction did Electrostatic lab flow. This simple but graphic demonstration shows that charges come in two sorts. Bring the electrophorus plate near the pith ball. The conductor has been charged without actually being touched with the charged rod, and its charge is opposite that of the rod.

What does this tell you about the size of the current that is flowing. Cut slits in the end of the straw and suspend a pith ball so that it is just touching the rim of the electrophorus plate as in the diagram. Rub the top surface of the foam with fur to charge it.

Check your explanation with your teacher. If the humidity is extremely low, as is often the case in Southern California, you will probably not escape the lab without a direct experience with electrostatics.

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When we charge a material by friction, we are transferring some of the electrons from one material to another. Is the straw charged.

Do not bring the heat lamp too close, or the insulators will be melted. Other materials such as glass are insulators. You may be able to account for the behavior of the electrophorus by using the model developed so far. With the foil straw. On the basis of your experiment, describe how many different ways charged objects may behave when tested with A and B.

If the humidity is fairly low on the day of your lab, the experiments will proceed easily. Not all electrostatic air filters are equal. The first way is to "feel" the interaction. We have several ways to see this. In the next section you will build a reliable charging device which you will use with the electroscopes to find out more about the behavior of charged objects.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the balloon and wool. The rotating arm of the electroscope dropped back into vertical rest when we placed our finger on it because it is now grounded to the earth and therefore is making the electroscope neutral.

Electrostatic Painting Lab Equipment

If the experiments are difficult on the first week of the electrostatics lab, they will be left up so you can try some of them with the Van de Graaff experiments in the following lab.

When the air is humid, a thin, invisible film of water forms on all surfaces, particularly on. Lab 1 – Electrostatics: Charging Objects by Friction Static electricity is the result of an imbalance of charge in materials.

Since all materials are made up of atoms, it is important to understand how the positive and Lab 1 – Electrostatics: Charging Objects by Friction. electrostatic discharge training manual s dtic,t of i!electe,4ma 0w\r 9 e interference with the mariner spacecraft receivers at jet propulsion lab-oratories in pasadena, whenever a passing technician brushed his bunny-suit electrostatic characteristics such as protection against michaelferrisjr.com  · Electrostatic precipitators for small-scale wood combustion systems – Results from lab- and field tests Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) low pressure drop, low cost problems with organic particles Filtering separators (e.g.

baghouse filters) good separation effect high pressure drop,michaelferrisjr.com Determine the variables that affect the strength and direction of the electric field for a static arrangement of charges. Investigate the variables that affect the strength of the electrostatic potential (voltage).

Explain equipotential lines and compare them to the electric field lines. For an. DUKE PHYSICS ELECTROSTATICS Electrostatics For this lab, please pair up with michaelferrisjr.com the course of this semester, you will be working either in a group of 2 or 4.

Static Electricity Electrostatic lab
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