Factors that affect the academic performance

The 5 factors which affect school performance

David, who rendered their time and guidance and suggestions that served as her motivation to do her best. It is followed by study habits and school-related aspects, both equally rated as highly impactful.

The Pearson Correlation Coefficient was used to highlight the important factors. Non-school factors include poverty, low educational attainment and illiteracy of parents and poor health and nutrition Gato et. On other hand Pedrosa et.

They named this phenomena educational elasticity. Without passion, study becomes a chore and not a method for achieving clearly defined goals.

Some students are just not disciplined and lack good organizational skills. On other hand Pedrosa et. On the average there were 40 students in each of the selected classes.

The key is keeping proper balance. These recommendations will be useful for both administrative and academic point of view. This is supported by previous research conducted by Deloitte and released by Share Our Strength which shows that, on average, students who eat school breakfast achieve Private schools due to the better funding, small sizes, serious ownership, motivated faculty and access to resources such as computers perform better than public schools.

Fredriksen, Rhodes, Reddy, and Way conducted a longitudinal study on the effects of adolescent sleep loss during middle school. She also suggested that the students should not try to study all the subjects in a single period.

For the economic and social development of the society, it is necessary to provide our children with the quality education.

What is academic performance?

It is important to note that even these studies do not agree with the former studies who explored that previous achievement affect the future performance of the students in studies, they confirmed that the admission scores are related to academic performance at university level but to a very minimal extent.

Agus, A and Makhbul, Z. Rena further explained that for students to perform well in any examination one of the prerequisites is that their teachers must know them and have profound knowledge of their state of physical, intellectual and psychological readiness. Wolfson and Carskadonp. Internal and external factors affect the student academic performance.

This entire host of reasons are at work when society refuse to take responsibility and when children themselves behave inappropriately or fail to meet a passing standard. Lot of studies have been conducted in the area of students achievement and these studies identify and analyze the number of factors that affect the academic performance of the student at school, college and even at university level.


Factors Which Influence The Students Academic Performance. Print Reference this. Internet Surfing affect academic performance Last Qualification major cause of good performance There are some other factors that affect student performance that are internet surfing, combine study and class participation.

Factors That Affect Student Performance

Factors that Affect the Academic Performance of the High School Students A term paper presented to the faculty of high School Department at Sta. Teresa College In partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Basic Education Curriculum Presented by: De Torres, Marianne Grace. Factors affecting the academic success of agricultural students at University of Tehran, Iran.

Journal of Agricultural science and Technology, 10, Factors that Influences Students Academic Performance: A Case of Rift Valley University, Jimma, Ethiopia in a given class it is sometimes seen that there is a difference in achievement as a result of different factors that affect the academic achievement of students.

This study was conducted to examine different factors .

Factors that affect the academic performance
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