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His government brought in the value-added tax and worked on pro-industry policies. Leader of the Parliament: The full term of the Prime Minister is five years, which coincides with the normal life of the Lok Sabha.

Vajpayee was succeeded by Congressman Manmohan Singh, the first Sikh premier, whose United Progressive Alliance government was in office for Prime ministers of india years between and All the important portfolios of the Central Government together comprise the Cabinet. In the case of death or resignation of the Prime Minister, the entire Council of Ministers has to resign.

He can also remove a minister by asking for his resignation or having him dismissed by the President. Chandra Shekar and was succeeded by Mr. Modi also received a degree in Political Science from a distance-education course from Delhi University as well as a Master of Arts degree in political science from Gujarat University in Modi also has been few of the Indian politicians to appear on the cover page of the Asian edition of Time Magazine in Singh made major contributions.

In order to improve international relations with neighboring countries, she made quite a few changes. Gujral, and Vajpayee again for 19 months in — The state of emergency which was imposed by Indira Gandhi was ended by him and his ministers.

The Prime Minister represents India in various delegations, high-level meetings and international organisations and also addresses the nation on various occasions of national importance.

For example, current Prime Minister, Mr. From 19th March To 22nd May Appointments Committee of the Cabinet Leader of the Cabinet: The transition to statehood for these territories was successfully overseen by her administration.

It is his responsibility to announce important policy decisions.

List of Commonwealth of Nations prime ministers

With the support of Congress headed by Rajiv Gandhi, he replaced V. He even got popular after sacrificing his post from Minister of Finance before PM.

He is the 15th Prime Minister of India. These are junior ministers who assist the Cabinet Minister in the particular portfolio. Singh of the Janata Dal, forming the year-long National Front coalition government in Appointments Committee of the Cabinet Leader of the Cabinet: He can also take part in debates in the House of which he is not a member.

He died in the year at the age of The prime minister has power to select and deselect members of the cabinet. He worked more as a temporary Prime Minister of India, but known to be one of the most modest people to have graced the Parliament.

Leader of the Parliament: He was married to Smt. He died on 10th Aprilat the age of 99 years. One of his major work towards society was the reform of the ancient Hindu civil code, he was a social reformer. The Prime Minister can also resign by writing to the President.

But in the spring ofFormer Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi decided to precipitate a new election in which he would retake power. A widower, Shri P. The Prime Minister is the Leader of the House to which he belongs. Nationally, he played crucial role in Indian nuclear program when it was targeted by major nuclear power countries after conducting a surprise test in His ideas proved successful in preventing the crisis and uplifted his reputation internationally as a leading reform-minded economist.

List of Prime Ministers of India by longevity's wiki: This is a list of Indian Prime Ministers by longevity. Where the person in question is still living, the longevity is calculated up to 15 December Two measures of the longevity are given - this is to allow for the differing number of  · India Prime Minister fact: Gulzari Lal Nanda become Acting Prime Minister for 13 days in after death of Jawaharlal Nehru and he again become Acting Prime Minister for 13 days in after death of Lal Bahadur In India, the PRESIDENT is the head of the state, whereas, the executive powers are vested with the PRIME MINISTER and his Cabinet of Ministers.

From Till Date, a total number of 15 persons had held the most powerful and the vital post in India, from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the First Prime Minister of.

List of Cabinet Ministers of India with Photo and Portfolio Prime Minister Narendra Modi's cabinet is slightly smaller in size than that. Prime Minister of India - Know about dynamic PM, Narendra Modi powers, roles and responsibilities, selection process, eligibility and salary.

List of Prime Ministers of India From 1947 Till Date

Also know list of prime ministers of India. The Prime Minister of India becomes the in charge Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, Pensions, Department of Atomic Energy, Ministry of Planning, Department of

Prime ministers of india
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List of Prime Ministers of India From to till date with Name and tenure